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ATTENTION: Calling Out ALL INDIE Authors Out There - I Can Help You GET the Attention You Deserve But Ain't Getting! Do You Want More Sales and More Readership? Well I Have The PERFECT Solution To Your Problems!


Are you a self-published or indie author, trying to make it big? It does not matter why you are writing: maybe you just want to tell a story and entertain people, or maybe you need to make some money, or maybe you want to get famous as famous as John Locke or Stephen king. Do you want more sales from Amazon and more readers from Goodreads? Believe it or not, as hard as writing the actual book is, it is not really the hardest part of the game. The hardest part is: marketing your book.

Now I don't want to bore you with details about how hard it is to make a career out of self-publishing. I mean, what is the point of saying something that you already know? However, if you can resonate with any ore the following then I am sure you will also be interested in what I can offer you.

As a self-published author, I am sure you understand how hard it is to get your book out there, to reach the masses. If marketing was not hard enough, getting honest reviews is even harder. A lot of times authors would swap reviews with each other and end up backbiting each other out of sheer jealousy; such attitude does not benefit either of them in the long run.

I hope I don't sound condescending here, but if you are a brand new author, trying to convince someone to actually buy, read and review your book is a difficult feat (even if your book costs only 1 dollar and ninety-nine cents) to achieve without the presence of at least 25 reviews or more. I know, I have been there. I hope you are luckier. Yes, everybody, you and other authors, are looking for genuine, honest reviews from actual readers, but as if enticing people to buy and read your book was not hard enough, getting them to review your book is even tougher. This does not necessarily mean your book is bad; in fact, quite the contrary, your book maybe quite good, for if it were bad then people won't sit idle- they would start posting negative reviews with the kind of zeal they don't usually show when it comes to posting positive reviews!

In short, what I am trying to say is that in an incredibly tough and highly competitive world, it therefore becomes inevitable for you, the author, to spread the word about your book on your own, or hire someone to do it for you. This is where I come in.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Task is Professionally Performed. You Get Proof Of Work For Every Task You Assign to Me. Discounts Are Available For Bulk Orders. Discounted Upgrades Are Also Available For Each Service Mentioned. Please Contact Me ONLY IF you are a SERIOUS BUYER; I am too busy to respond to tire kickers, thank you.

Some of the ways I can help you are:

a) I can help you get honest, detailed, insightful and helpful reviews on your book. These reviews will highlight all the positive aspects of your book and enlighten your future readers regarding the real essence and worth of your book. The length of the review will be 100 - 200 words depending on the ebook. The book reviews are written by avid book readers and Native English speakers so you can be assured of quality. I can rate your book, post one or more honest reviews, become your fan/follower, and more.  I will need a copy of your ebook for this. I can also write an editorial review for you. Contact me for more details and testimonials.

CAVEAT: You are NOT paying me for the review but for the amount of time I am investing in reading your book! Please don't think that by paying me you would get a five stars review even if your ebook does not deserve it. I cannot guarantee a 100% positive review but usually I don't post negative reviews. The rating for your ebook may vary between 3 - 5 stars.

b) I can promote your book on social media sites (Facebook book groups, Kindle readers on Twitter, Pinterest book boards, Reddit, etc). You get 100% targeted traffic from book readers located in English speaking countries. If you wish to create an Instagram profile for your book (with or without the addition of followers) then I can help you with that too. Contact me for more details and samples.

c) I can promote your book on 10 high quality websites EXCLUSIVELY devoted to promoting free kindle books - on Kindle free days. I can also promote your Amazon kindle book if it is on Kindle countdown promotion (please note that it is up to each site's owner to decide whether to list your book or not. If your book listing is approved, it will be shown ONLY during the promotion period). Contact me for more details.

d) I can post an "author spotlight" for your book on a highly popular blog. Contact me for more details.

e) Do you have a free ebook in PDF format you want to share with the world? I can distribute your free PDF to 15 TOP QUALITY websites. These websites rank high in search engines and are considered to be authority sites for PDF sharing. If you want your PDF to be submitted to more than 15 websites then upgrades and discounts are available as well. Contact me for more details.

f)  Do you have a press release written for your book? I can submit your press release to 10 HIGH RANKING press release submission sites. As usual, if you want the press release to be submitted to more websites then upgrades and discounts are available.  Don't have one press release written already? Don't know how to write a press release? Well don't worry because I can also write the press release ad for you for a very nominal fee. I will need a copy of your ebook for this. Contact me for more details.

g) I can also create professional author trailers. I use professional video softwares to ensure quality. You will get HD video quality, background music and revisions (script included). I will need a copy of your ebook for this. Contact me for more details and samples.

h) I can also create professional video testimonials for your book. Whether you want to turn existing book reviews into videos or want me to create an original video testimonial from scratch, I can do it. I use professional video softwares to ensure quality. Pricing for a video testimonial varies according to the length of the script. You get FREE choice of background, FREE choice of outfit, FULL HD 1080P quality of video, FREE choice for video format (AVI, MOV or WMV), FREE choice of accent (American or Non-American), etc. Contact me for more details and samples. I will need a copy of your ebook for this.

i) Website Building and Website Critique: Having an author website of your own can boost your brand image. If you want, I can build a website for you on  I can create a basic website for you using a basic template, some basic text and pictures (if you want more, upgrades and discounts are available). This website will contain six pages:  1 "About Us" page of up to 250 words maximum and 5 other pages.  You can supply me with your own custom template, text and images if you want to.  If you ALREADY have a website, I can offer you a helpful critique on your website, including user experience, what works and what does not, detailed analysis of each of your pages etc.  I would be brutally honest in my opinion. I can also sign up as a user of your website and check your website for mistakes, rewrite your website content, etc. Contact me for more details and samples.

j) In addition, I can also write or rewrite book blurbs, back cover matter etc., of your book. I can add an extra PUNCH to your existing blurb to make it more exciting. I can also create a custom book cover design for your upcoming book. I also offer beta reading, proofreading and writing services. Pricing of these services vary according to the job so please contact me with your project details first.


NOTE: I don't guarantee sales or conversions and I don't offer refunds on completed work either.

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